XRF | Training

XRF | Spectroscopy technology

Area of Study: Exploration and Geology

This course provides skills training with the basic knowledge of XRF theory and applications, as used in mineral exploration and mining, as well as the principles and practices of radiation safety that apply to XRF analyzers.

XRF is a fast, accurate and cost effective analytical technique for solid sample analysis, provided the spectrometer user is properly set-up and calibrated and the correct sample preparation procedures are followed.

Matrix effects such as grain size effect, mineral and chemical effects and specimen surface conditions are the most common causes of inaccurate XRF analysis results.

Correct sample preparation techniques drastically reduce matrix effects and minimize analytical errors.

This short course provides an overview of common sample preparation techniques.

This class is designed for small scale miners involved in making decisions regarding gold mining projects during exploration, evaluation, development, and operations; including mining and XRF users.

At the end of the course will receive a Certificate of Attendance

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