Diamond Rough, Grading, Evaluation Course


Diamond Rough Course:

  1. The Sorting : Before rough diamonds are sold by the mines they have to be given a price valuation. The first step in the valuation process is to sort them into different grades of usefulness or desirability.
  2.  The Sizes : Gem Rough is divided into two categories of size, One group known as Grading Sizes and the second known as Sieving Sizes or smalls.
  3. The Gem : A rough diamond that has the necessary shape, purity and color to enable it to be cut for jewelry purposes.
  4. The Shaping: Separating into groups of crystal forms.
  5. The Quality : Dividing the rough parcel into groups of different qualities, Type 1 , Type 2
  6. The rough diamond grading and value program is the most comprehensive of its kind.


Diamond Rough, Grading, Evaluation Course

Course Rough Diamond Grading and Evaluation

This diamond rough course prepares the student to become proficient in every technique involved in the buying, selling, manufacture and grading of diamonds

To teach the student how to sort and evaluate diamonds both in the rough and polished state and how color, imperfection, shape and proportions affect prices

Course Outline
  • Correct use of a loupe.
  • Type Gem and near gem
  • Quality shapes color sizing and sieving
  • How to use the Rapaport Diamond Price List. And the international Rapaport diamond price structure
  • How to look for and identify the grain in a diamond
  • How to look for and identify the crystal symmetry, axis, plane, form and habit of diamond crystals
  • Moissanite identification
  • The study of impurity centres in rough diamond crystals, their cause and effect
  • How to select diamonds for fancy shapes, determining their ultimate form when in the rough
  • How to determine colour in diamonds, both natural and artificial, and its effect on buying and selling
  • How to select rough diamonds for purity, colour, size, shape and unusual qualities
  • How to determine whether a whole rough diamond is to be cleaved, sawed or remain whole
  • The process used in cutting and shaping elliptical diamonds such as , ovals,marquises pear shaped diamonds, etc
  • Classification of rough gems and industrial diamonds
  • How to use the Rapaport Diamond Price List and the international diamond price structure
  • Moissanite identification
  • Reading your GIA reports (Gemological Institute of America)
  • How to determine table, crown angle, pavilion and depth
  • Diamond grading systehysical and optical properties: how to clarity grade, and how to plot clarity characteristics


Course Costs
  • South African citizen: R11500
  • Non-South African citizen: USD $1200
  • A 50% non refundable deposit fee is payable on booking a course
Commencement The Rough Diamond Evaluation and Grading Courses will be run as follows:



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