Diamond Cutting, Polishing Course


Diamond cutting, polish the practice of changing a diamond from a rough stone into a faceted gem. Cutting diamond requires specialized knowledge, tools, equipment, and techniques tough in this six month diamond cutting, polishing Course.


Diamond Cutting, Polishing Course

In the diamond cutting, polishing course the student will study and learn the following skills;



  • Planning of the diamond using computer software and Sarine;
  • Marking outlining the best possible shape and cut of the diamond;
  • Sawing the rough stone depending on the shape of rough diamond;
  • We to place the Table;
  • Bruting the girdle;


  • Blocking 8 main pavilion facets – these facets are divided into 4 Corners and 4 pavilions as the corners and pavilions run in different directions due to the atomic structure of the diamond;
  • Crown – the crown consist of 8 main facets and are divided into 4 Corners and 4 Bezels;


  • Final bruting – ensuring the diamonds girdle is perfectly round and smooth;
  • Polishing all 16 main facets;


  • Brillianteering – Adding and polishing 8 stars and 16 pavilion and 16 crown halves;

Diamond Cutting, Polishing Quality

  • Quality Control – checking for symmetry, polish and cut (angles) after the diamond is completed;

Diamond Cutting, Polishing facility



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