Diamond and Diamond Grading


Gain the skills to grade the color, clarity, and cut of diamonds.

Using Polished, GIA certified diamonds, learn to determine proportions and estimate weight.

Study diamond treatments, synthetics, and simulants, and understand the effect of fluorescence on diamond body color.

Analyze the role cut plays in the marketplace, and acquire the technical knowledge needed to make profitable buying and selling decisions.


Diamond Grading Course.

This is five-day theoretical and practical diamond grading training module.

This course aims to give students a comprehensive background and knowledge of diamond and diamond grading.

  • How diamonds are formed,
  • the pricing of the polished gemstone, with the main emphasis on the practical grading of
  • color,
  • clarity and
  • proportions using the laboratory equipment.

    The course modules are as follows:

  • Diamond crystallography and formation
  • Mining
  • De Beers and the State Diamond Trader
  • Famous diamonds and people
  • History and stages of diamond cutting and polishing
  • How to use the Equipment and Tools
  • Grading and identification (including proportion, colour, plotting and clarity grading; weight estimates; and finish analysis)
  • Diamond simulants and fracture filling
  • Pricing of polished gems (using the recognized internationally accepted price list)

Students that complete the course, passing both the theoretical and practical examinations will receive a certificate.


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