Rough Diamonds


Frequently Asked Questions…

Is work guaranteed after completing the course ?

As with upmarket universities and other academic institutions we do not guarantee work on completion of the professional courses we offer.

It’s up to you to have the motivation and drive to convince the potential employer / contractor to employ/contract you. we will however through our database and network, forward your Cv/ Resume which should guarantees you of career interviews, rendering you ample opportunity to be employed/contracted.

We believe that  it is our core business to find and to secure a career path for each and every graduate. It is in our direct interest to find, to secure and to mentor our graduates along their career paths.

Our graduates’ expert subject knowledge, and our core values, ethical business norms and international training standards make our graduates very rare and sought after.

Should you be wanting to become an  Rough Diamond Dealer we will assist with completion of the application and complete your business plan (For South African Applications only)

What is the best diamond course to pursue ?  

We offer Rough Diamond, Polished Grading, Cutting and Polishing and a gold or precious metal course, depending on what career path you wish to follow: for Manufacturing and production take the rough aspect and should you wish to retail go with our Polished diamond grading and sales course.